How to Make Counter Strike Server Online

Welcome To The Counter Strike Fans Blog ...In This Tutorial we will make counter strike 1.6 server online easily online or in LAN as well. Just Follow this briefly discussed folder for making Counter Strike Server online Successfully.

System Requirements  

  Windows XP, Win 7, Vista or 8 
processor 1000 ghz,
 memory 256 ram

300 - 400 MB free Disk Space in Your Hard Drive
And A Connecion to Internet

First of All Download The Counter Strike Server Creator From This link Download

 2nd Start  After the Installation of Server Creator v2.4 Open the file where it was installed.

         3rd Run the Server Creator file. Black or Blue color command promt file will be appear show you downloading server files.When it completed it show 100%.It takes about 30-40 mins to complete depends on you internet speed.
4th Make a new folder named as HLDS and paste all the files downloaded . It should be 300-350 mb of files.

 Now Time For Configuration of Server

 Now we will our server compatible for Non steam users for this we must have to Change our SWDS files. Download SWDS from CLICK HERE.

Now install swds in a folder and move these files for your Server CStrike Folder and Save it.

Our Next Step is to add Master Servers and Server.cfg file to our server.
  Download Server.cfg file CLICK HERE 
 Paste this file to HLDS Server CStrike folder.

  Start your Server from HLDS.exe and Enjoy Playing on Your Server.


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